NPB Utilities

Water & Environmental Management

NPB Utilities Ltd provides full water management, consultancy and solutions aimed at improving our client's water efficiency and safety in order to reduce their overall operating costs. Our water related services include: -

Water Services

  • 24 hour response
  • Specialist Leakage location and survey's
  • All sizes of Water Mains & Service's repaired or replaced
  • New Water Mains & Service's Installations via methods of Pipe Bursting, Slip Lining, Insertion, Open Cut and Moling
  • Water Supply Metering, Leakage & Mapping Services
  • Water Efficiency Auditing
  • Project Management for Water Quality / Treatment & Disinfection
  • Drainage & Sewer installations and repairs

Water is no longer an endless resource and is fast becoming very expensive to source, supply, manage and dispose of.

Our projects are usually designed to be self-financing or with short payback periods with ongoing savings for the Client with significant environmental benefits and conserve that precious commodity - water - 'WATER IS LIFE' - 'WATER IS MONEY' - Don't waste either!